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It’s Kenny Santos with a great tip of attracting leads to you instead of going out and finding leads.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone reach out to you and say, “What’s your link, I would like to join your team.”?

You might think you that you have to get an attraction marketing system (which will help) but you can learn internet attraction marketing.

This should not take the place of active prospecting but a great way to attract leads is to get recognized as an authority.

You can become an author, which is the root of the word authority or you can can start teaching.

If you teach something of value on a consistent basis, people will start looking for you because they want more value.

Some of them may want to join your team especially if they are looking for a new company to join.

You can write blog posts, or use fb status updates to teach but one of the best ways to teach is through either video or through audio.

If you use either one of those, you are building a brand. People will recognize you. They will recognize how you look and how you sound. Some people will feel like they know you even if they haven’t met you.

It won’t happen overnight but it will be worth it because instead of prospecting, you’ll have people contacting you.

How cool is that?

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