MLM Success Tip [video]: Is this an MLM?

is this an mlm
Many Network Marketers really get nervous and they don’t know what to say when some asks, “Is this an MLM?”

Many that are inexperienced, will stumble with their words, avoid answering the question or even worse they will lie and say that it isn’t MLM.

I find that the best thing to say is this.
“Absolutely this is MLM, are you open minded enough to have a peek and see if it’s a good fit?”

Turn the question around on them. Remember, you are qualifying them for your business. If they aren’t even open to MLM then they don’t qualify.
If they aren’t aren’t open enough to have a peek then why would you want someone like that on your team?

How great would it be if you had someone that knew that it is an MLM, that knew that they will have to talk to their friends and family and that knew that they will have to invest money to get started before they even had peek to see what it is?

You can find those types of people by qualifying them with simple response:
“Yes this is an MLM, are you open minded enough to have a look?”

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