MLM Success Tip [video]: Talk To The Right People

right people

A word of advice when you are trying to sell.
Sell to the people that want it not the people that need it.

If you were selling an energy drink, would you sell it people who are tired and that need energy?
Or do you think you would have better luck selling to people who already buy energy drinks?

Actually if your product is energy drinks, then a good strategy might be to give free sample to anyone that is carrying a red bull or monster or rock star or what ever else is out there.

Something to think about:

The people that need your product, need it because they won’t buy it.

This also applies to the opportunity side of the business.

Certainly you can show people that need it but focus most of your attention on the entrepreneurial minded.  They are most likely to join.  Those that need more money are usually very close-minded.

Recruit the hungry, not the needy.

If all you have on your team is a bunch of needy people, then you team won’t grow as fast as you like.

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