MLM Success Tip [video]: The Best Spot To Be Placed in a Comp Plan

The Best Spot In The Binary


It’s Kenny Santos with another MLM Success tip.

How much does it matter where someone is placed in the compensation plan.

Are you on the power leg?
Are you on the pay leg?


You can always make the argument that your upline didn’t help you or you didn’t get any spill over or ¬†they didn’t build half your team for you like you thought would happen.

But why would you fight for your failure?

Instead tell yourself, “I don’t care where I’m placed in the binary (or comp plan) I’m going to be successful no matter what.

What matters isn’t WHERE you are placed in the comp plan, what really matters is how much your work an how much you produce.

Don’t worry about where you are placed, worry about your personal production

Create a great day!


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