MLM Success Tip [video]: The EASIEST People To Prospect On Social Media

easiest prospects
It’s Kenny Santos with an MLM success tip.
Many network marketers have turned to social media to connect with people and prospect.

Some of the most difficult people to prospect are fellow network marketers. That’s because everybody is just trying to recruit each other and convince one another that their opportunity is better than everyone else’s.

Try this approach instead and you’ll have an easier time recruiting on social media.
Prospect the people that you already have something in common with.   If you like gardening, running or some other type of hobby, then join that type of group on fb and talk to those people.  If you are a fan or the Law of Attraction or of Taylor Swift, then follow those pages and connect with the others that are following as well.  Find the type of people that you would normally hang out with and connect with them.  You’ll  make many more friends and connections and you’ll have an opportunity to prospect people.


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