MLM Success Tip [video]: The Girl Scout Cookie Approach













It’s Kenny Santos with another MLM Success Tip.

Have you ever had a new rep order the “big package” and then not want to do their autoship the next month because they have months of inventory?

This tip will jump start your business into momentum.

Your reps will run out of product and stay on their autoship.

“I’ve started a business, don’t worry I’m trying to recruit you however I would love your help. Would you be open to trying the product for one month, so I could get your feed back. I have a chance to get to a great position in my company. All I have to do is find 15 trial customers .
If you like it, then great! You can become a preferred customer. If not, you’ll never have to try it again.”
“Can I count on your support?”

I originally got this from a video by Lisa Grossman you can check it out here:


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