MLM Success Tip [video]: The Very Best Email to Grow Your Business

best email

A lot of us use email or fb messages to grow our Network Marketing business.
Unfortunately at Network Marketers just copy and paste an email with a link to TRY and grow their business.

It doesn’t work.

The reason is because most people are simply immune to getting messages like that.
People treat their email, like their junk mail. They are looking for a reason to throw it out. Most people don’t read your message, they scan it and if they see a link, they most likely delete it.

Instead of sending an email with a link, just phone them.

If you don’t have their phone number, email them this,


I need to talk to you about something, what is the best email and phone number to reach you at?


That’s the very best email that you can send to grow your business.

Create a great day!

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