MLM Success Tip [video]: This is how our profession got it’s bad name and


Let’s face it. ┬áThere is a huge stigma associated with MLM.

It’s unfortunate that MLM has gotten a bad name.
People think that it is a scam.

The reason this has happened is because of the reps.
They are notorious for bugging people, trying to convince their friends to join.
If you have to convince someone to join, you are setting them up for failure.
Many reps misrepresent their business.
“This is so easy.”
“You are going to do great with this!”
“Just save your spot, I’ll do have of the work for you!”

If you say any of these things, if you make this profession look easier than it really is, then you are setting your new business partners up for failure.

Stop convincing, tell them the truth.

If you have to convince people to join, you’ll have to convince them to work.

Qualify people instead, you’ll recruit people that will actually work vs people that are treating this like a lottery.

Create a great day!

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