MLM Success Tip [video]: You Sound Desperate And You Don’t Even Know it!


It’s Kenny Santos with an MLM Success tip.
Many Network Marketers sound desperate and they don’t even know it.
In fact, they are oblivious that they sound desperate because they are actually  trained to sound desperate.

It comes when you are giving a “hypey” intro to a video or an opportunity.

“This video is incredible! You are going to love what you see!”
“This opportunity is amazing, it’s ground floor and we are about to hit momentum phase. Now is the time to get started.!”

In both of those example, it sounds like you are trying to convince them why it’s so good.

Instead of trying to convince them, why not try to qualify them?

“This video will give you some info and see if you are even a fit to what we are looking for.”

In this example, you are seeing if they qualify. In fact, you are even doing a take away in the introduction.

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