MLM Success Tip [video]: Your Prospect Would Rather Waste Your Time vs Tell You “NO”

waste time
It’s Kenny Santos with another MLM Success Tip.
Do you ever get people to agree to come to your opportunity presentation and NOT show up?

If you keep the control, you will have a lot less people being wishy washy over whether they are coming and you’ll have a lot less wondering whether they will show up or not.

The way to keep control is to not let them know where the meeting (exactly is until they give you a positive answer on whether they are coming.

Instead, just give them the general intersection and the time.
“It’s in the Maple and Elm area on Tuesday 7pm. Are you free?”

If someone says, “I’ll try to come,” then there is a 95 – 98% chance that they aren’t coming.

Your prospects would rather waste your time vs tell you “no”

If someone says that to me, I’ll always say, “when will you know for sure?”
It’s not until I get a “yes” to the invitation, that I’ll tell them the exact location.

Create a great day!

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