MLM Products have to be better and here is why [video]

Have you ever wondered just how good MLM Products are compared to the competition?

Here the thing.

They have to be good.

The reason is there is such a stigma behind MLM that if a company comes out with a bad product, then everyone will point it out.

MLM Products are under so much scrutiny and under the microscope.  People are looking for something wrong with MLM products.  That’s why when a reputable MLM company has a product, then I know it has to be top notch.

So here’s something that I suggest to you.

Since you now know that MLM products are better, then buy them and use them.

Buy products from your fellow Network Marketers and support the profession.

If you are going to buy anything that your company doesn’t provide and you can get it from another Network Marketer, then why not buy it from them?  You’ll be getting better quality products and you’ll be helping the entire profession.

Imagine this: What if all network marketers bought from each other?  If they guy who sold coffee bought his vitamins from  another network marketer and vice versa.  And they both got their anti aging cream from another network marketer.  And the 3 of them got there cleaning supplies from another network marketer.   What would happen to your point volume if instead of competing with other network marketers, we cooperated with them.  WOW

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