MLM Success Tips| No One Cares What YOU Think


When it comes to MLM Success your prospect does not care about what you like about your company.  What you should care about is what your prospect likes about your company and why THEY  would want to join.

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Many unsuccessful multi-level marketers talk too much about things that they like and what their prospect SHOULD care about.
It doesn’t matter what your prospect SHOULD care about what matters is what your prospect REALLY DOES care about.
We all need more antioxidants and we should care about macular degeneration and immune defense but no cares until they care.

Find out what your prospect cares about NOW. Find out what problems or difficulties they want addressed and if your business can overcome it then offer it.

Don’t give your prospect a problem and then solve it.
Find out what problem your prospect wants solved and provide value to them.

How do you do that?
Ask questions…
They key is this, hit them in the heart. If they show ANY dissatisfaction and your company can over come that problem then offer it to them.

Here are some:

If I could show you how keep your income and walk away from your job, would you want to see how it works?
If I could how you how to lose weight without going hungry, do you want to see how that works?
If I could show you how to work less so you could see your family more and still maintain your income would you want to see how that works?
If I could show you how to make an extra $5k so you could take your wife on that second honeymoon, would you want to see how that works?

The basic formula is this:
IF I could show you how to get X so that you can Y, do you want to see how that works.

X is what they want
Y is why they want it

Just make sure that THEY bring up the problem to be solved.

You can also try these after a presentation.
So why would you join this business?
What did you like the most?

In the end, find out what they want and what they think and use those ideas to get them into your company so that you can provide more value to them.

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