MLM Success [video]: The EASIEST way to START Momentum


It’s Kenny Santos and today’s video is about MLM Momentum.

A train that is going a full speed can break through a brick wall without losing speed.

The same train will get stopped by something as small as a nail if it has even started yet.

A nail will stop the train because the train doesn’t have momentum.

It can be difficult for MOST network marketers to start momentum.
They don’t know how to recruit and recruiting can be very difficult because of the stigma behind the whole concept of network marketing.

Instead of trying to recruit, why not sell your product retail?

You love your product right?
You think it’s amazing right?
It’s more than worth the retail price right?
If you can’t answer yes to ALL of those questions, then maybe you should find a new product to market!!!!

Not everyone will want to start a business but EVERYONE still buys products. They go shopping, they buy online, they go to restaurants etc.

The easiest way to start momentum is the sell retail.
You need to just start. Go ahead and get that $8 commission.
Get your train going.
Once you’ve built some momentum, it’s so much easier to recruit.

If you don’t believe me, then just try it!

P. S.
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