MLM Success: Why I Won’t Be Watching The Olympics

If you spend most of your time in the 2 weeks watching the Olympics, then your business will not grow.
Please understand that this not Olympics bashing. I like the Olympics, I have a lot of respect for the athletes.
I remember watching Team Canada win the gold medal at the SLC Winter Olympics in 2002 with my friends
When they won, we gave each other high fives, we hugged each other, and we yelled and screamed,
The truth of the matter is this, they won… we watched.

They have spent a lot of time becoming among the best in the world at what they do.
The wake up early every day to train.
They practice every day to get better.
They eat nutritious meals every day to stay healthy.
They deserve a lot of respect.

But I want to be the person that others are watching.
I want MLM success
To do that, I have to work on my business every day.
I have to better myself every day.

As much as I love watching someone’s dream come true, I love making my dreams come true even more.

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