MLM Success: Your Resourcefulness, Not Your Resources Determine your Success

If you want MLM success you must realize that you won’t always have the resources that you want.
As a matter of fact, that’s what makes entrepreneurs so amazing.
It’s not about your current resources, it’s about your resourcefulness.
Robert Kiyosaki talks about it when he says:
“Don’t say, ‘I can’t afford it.” Instead say, “How can I afford it?”
Most businesses were founded by people who didn’t have enough money.
If they had the money, they might not have had the desire to even start the business.

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You should talk to your prospects about that too.
Here is a great closing line that totally leaves the “I don’t have the money” objection in the dust.
Before they can even bring it up say this.
“Sounds like you are ready to join, do you have the funds available now or would you need to raise the money?”
Saying that way is like saying, “Do you have the resources or will you have to be resourceful.”

resourcesMy Facebook Friend Tony Being Resourceful: Working Out In A Hotel That Doesn’t Have a Gym.

The same should go for your current business. There is time everyday that you can be resourceful to grow your business.
Maybe you don’t have your leads list and you have some time to make calls.
What should you do?
Maybe pick up a paper and call the classified ads.
Maybe do the 3 foot rule.
Maybe call out of the yellow pages.
Whatever you do, be resourceful and be productive.

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