MLM Sucess: How to Keep Your Invitations Short and Effective

If you want to get MLM Success then you must get good at prospecting.
Make sure that you invitation doesn’t turn into a presentation.
I want you to think of your invitation to be like an appetizer when you are inviting someone to eat.
If you give them too much, then they will be too full and no longer hungry decline your invitation.
You want to get them curious so that see what you have to offer.

This can be quite difficult for many people especially if your prospect asks a lot of questions.
You don’t want to look rude or look like you are avoiding their question, so what are you supposed to do if they ask?

This video explains a great way of making sure you don’t answer too many questions that a prospect might have without sounding like you are trying to hide something.

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When you are talking with your prospect, BEFORE you invite them, mention that you have to get off of the phone.
“Wow, I just realized that I have this appointment…”
“Gee Bob, here I am calling you and I have to jump on this conference call…”
It’s called a Break In Communication (BIC) and I learned it from a Ray Higdon, cold market prospecting webinar.

When you say something like that, it makes you sound like you are busy and also in a hurry.
So if it’s followed up by and invitation or question when your prospect asks you,
“What is this all about?”
“What’s the name of the company?”
“That depends”

You can follow it up with,
“Like I said, I have to jump on this conference call, if I emailed you a quick 5 minute video would you be able to watch it?”
“I wish I had more time, let’s talk about it over coffee, how does tomorrow at 6 sound?”

If you use a BIC you’ll be a lot more effective in inviting and you’ll be comfortable doing too!

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