MLM Sucess Tip [video]: Why “Their” Advice Isn’t Working


It’s Kenny Santos with a very eye opening tip.

Ever get advice from an upline leader and it doesn’t seem to work?

Maybe you just went to a big company convention or a local Super Saturday Training and they told you that you’ll have gotten the “secret sauce” on how to build your business by attending.

And you are disappointed because they keep teaching the same thing that hasn’t worked for you since you started this business.

Why isn’t it working?

There are 2 reasons why their same old advice isn’t working

1. You followed their advice and you just didn’t give enough time to actually work.

Ex. If they give you an action plan, you must complete it. Not just start it and after 2 weeks say it doesn’t work.

2. You follow their advice but you don’t really give it your all.
Let’s face it. If you don’t give it 100%, you won’t get the results that are promised.

It’s like baking a cake.
You need to put in ALL the ingredients and do ALL of the steps.
If you decide that you will bake a cake but you don’t want to mix it and you don’t want to use flour, then guess what?
It will be a crappy cake!!!!

Same thing for Network Marketing
If you decide to grow a business but you don’t want to make phone calls, you just want to spam facebook and send emails guess what?
You’ll have crappy business.

Newsflash: “Their” advice works!!! The only reason why “Their” advice isn’t working is because YOU aren’t working!

Create a great day!

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