MLM Team Building: How To Cherry Pick Your Team

MLM Team buildingMLM Team Building
What if you could cherry pick your team?
What kind of people would be on it?
What kinds of qualities would these people need to have?

What would those qualities be?

Some of the “must have qualities” that I would include are:
-wants a change
-hard working
-excited about our opportunity and product/service

Of course there would be a long list of qualities that aren’t necessarily needed in a prospect but it would be very nice for them to have.

Things like:
-has a large network
-past success as an entrepreneur

And while these qualities would awesome to have in a new prospect, they don’t even matter if they are missing ANY of the “need to have” qualities.

That’s where too many network marketers get lost. They want to recruit everybody and all or most of the people they recruit are missing at least one of the “must have” qualities.

If a prospect is missing a “need to have” quality, then they are less likely to work, duplicate and grow their own team. They are less likely to be successful and you are more likely to waste your time with them because you think that you can will them or train them to success.

You know that saying, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” If your prospect is missing any of the “need to have” qualities then they will be one of the horses that won’t drink. Don’t waste your time or their time. They simply are not a good fit. Even if they have a big network and they have past success as an entrepreneur, you are still better off spending your time with someone that has ALL of the “need to have” qualities.

Oprah Winfrey
Here’s an example of what could happen when you recruit some that isn’t a good fit.
Let’s pretend that you had the chance to recruit the great Oprah Winfrey on to your team. You might think,
“This is awesome! My business is going to gangbusters! She knows so many people. A lot of the people that she knows also have huge networks! I’m going to have a huge downline and a thriving business!”

While Oprah has many (and I mean many!) of the “nice to have” qualities that we look for in a prospect, let’s say for this example, she doesn’t possess one or more of the “need to have” qualities. Maybe she isn’t excited by your product or opportunity. As a result, she only uses the product for one month and she never tells anyone in her network. What you thought would be a thriving business, turns out to be a dead leg. If you don’t know any better, you might waste a lot of time trying to turn this dead end into something that it will never be. A thriving business.

Learn to recognize the difference between someone that seems like they would do well and someone that might actually work hard, duplicate and thrive.

If they are missing any of the “need to have” qualities then they simply aren’t a good fit. They might be in the future but they certainly aren’t now.

Big Flag
One indication that will determine if someone is missing any of the “must have” qualities and are a bad fit is if you spend a lot of time convincing someone to join or work the business.

If you have to convince someone to join, then they simply aren’t hungry enough or excited enough. They aren’t hardworking enough or they simply aren’t a good fit.

This type of person is less likely to work. It’s a waste of their time and your time if you try to convince them. They are less likely to duplicate the system and share the product/service or opportunity with others. Even if you some how convince them to join, they won’t do well and you will risk wasting even more time trying to convince them to work.

If you have to convince them to join, you’ll have to convince them to work.

I’d you want an all star team that works hard, is excited and duplicates, then recruit those types of people. If your prospect is missing any of the “need to have qualities” they aren’t a good fit and they simply don’t qualify.

You don’t have to convince or recruit everyone. In fact, you shouldn’t try to if you want a successful business.

If you spend your time qualifying your prospects instead of convincing them you’ll attract and create more superstars to your team and build a thriving business.
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