MLM – The Water Hyachith

From The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen

The Water Hyacinth is a beautiful plant, delicate-looking plant with lavender or purplish blue flowers that you find floating on the surface of ponds in warm climates around the world. It is one of the most productive plants on earth and its reproductive rate has astonished botanists and ecologists for years.

It colonizes by doubling itself and sending out short runner stems that then become daughter plants. If the surface of the pond remains still and undisturbed it may cover the entire surface of the pond in just 30 days, this phenomenon.

On the first day you won’t even notice it, on day fifteen it may cover only a square foot, and on day twenty, two thirds of the way through the month it may be the size of a child’s life raft floating on the surface of the pond.

On day twenty nine half the surface of the pond is still open water, but by day thirty the entire pond has been covered by a blanket of water hyacinth. You will not see any water at all.

What will you do on a daily basis to grow your business?

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