MLM Tips: Do You Have Enough Posture?

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In this profession, you will get rejections. If you aren’t getting rejections then you aren’t talking to enough people about your business. Your success in the profession isn’t only determined by your persistence, but it’s also determined by your posture when you prospect.

Having the right amount of posture will show that you are leader. It’s way of maintaining your position without the need to convince others of your view point.

Don’t Make Your Prospect Feel Bad
Many network marketers have too much posture when they prospect. They are so set on being right that they try to make their prospect feel stupid. I used to be very guilty of this. A very popular come back when someone asks, “Is this a pyramid?” is to accuse the prospect of being in a pyramid themselves and saying that corporate america is a pyramid. That come back gained a lot of moment with this video:

That come back may sound witty but it doesn’t get you any sales or sign ups. It doesn’t make you look smart, it makes you look like a jerk. Avoid having too much posture and you’ll make more friends and more people will like you.

“All things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to, those people they know, like and trust.” ~Bob Burg

Don’t Chase
If you have posture, you won’t chase your prospect. You have a certain standard that you are looking for in teammates and if they don’t want to join, then they don’t make the cut. Chasing propsects doesn’t really work anyway. They tend to run away faster. You aren’t managing the energy and don’t look like a leader. The prospect might not want you to chase them but they are expecting it. When you don’t chase them, you’ll separate yourself from other network marketers (that really look desperate when they chase don’t they?) you are more likely to peak your prospect’s interest

Abundance Mindset
The most important aspect of having posture is having an abundance mindset. When you chase a prospect or if try to convince your prospect to join, you are sending a message of scarcity to the Universe. There are thousands of people in your local market and you don’t need all of them, you just need a handful of leaders. By letting your prospect go, you are showing the Universe that you have Faith in the process.
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