MLM Training: 3 Essential Things To Remember To Ensure Duplication In Your Team

MLM TrainingMLM Training

Many network marketers simply don’t know how to create duplication within their team. Duplication in MLM is essential in creating success. Many network marketers think that they simply have to learn how to sell but even if you are a sales superstar, you aren’t truly leveraging the concept of network marketing. If your only intentions are to sell and recruit and not worry about duplication then you are better off in direct sales or being a realtor because the commissions are much better there.

So how do you ensure duplication? Here are 3 things to remember.

1. Qualify Your Prospect
Just yesterday, one of my friends contacted me and tried to recruit me into his new business. He kept talking about how easy it is.

Are you telling your prospects that this business is easy?

Nothing worth doing is easy, so stop saying that nonsense. If you tell your prospect that it’s easy when it really isn’t then what’s going to happen once they’ve already paid their money and realize that you’ve lied to them?

They will quit and they simply won’t duplicate.

Saying your business is easy, does 2 things.
-it attracts the quitters that won’t duplicate
-it pushes away the leaders that will duplicate.

The truth is good enough. You want people that are hungry and ready to work. So instead of telling your prospect that the business is easy, be honest and tell them that it takes work.

2. Make Them Money
The reason why anyone will quit is because they aren’t making any money. If you want you new rep to duplicate and recruit more then help them put money into their pocket as fast as you can.

I suggest making calls with them. Book a meeting within the first 24 -48 hours of your new rep and help them make calls. Tell them to bring a list of people, give them a script and make calls with them. Listen to the first couple of calls with them and then give a little bit of privacy so they can make the calls on their own.

(This doesn’t just have to be about making calls, it could be texting or using social media as well.)

If you’ve trained them correctly and if they are actually making calls, then they will start to get results. Depending on the script, they’ll books some appointments, secure some customers or even get sign ups. This will motivate and inspire them to go home and make even more calls. They’ll make dozens of calls in their first week.

If they were left to make their own calls, they would probably procrastinate and end up calling 10 people (or less) in their first month of business. That won’t yield any good results and they will end up quitting. Don’t let that happen. Results come from action so help them take action instead of just telling them to do it.

If you want to see the 3rd thing to remember to ensure duplication in your team then watch the video.

If you can sell you’ll make some money. If you can duplicate, you’ll make a lot more.

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