MLM Training: Ask Your Prospects These Questions And You’ll Be More Successful

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Have you ever watched someone successfully prospect, present or close and wondered how to replicate it?

If we are new or inexperienced, we often get stuck and we don’t know what to say when we are prospecting, presenting or closing.

In order to be successful in network marketing, it’s not about having a rigid script, it’s about being good at talking and having a conversation. But even if you have the “gift of gab” you still want to be able to steer the conversation so the prospect is making a decision.

I’ve found that once you know how to have a conversation (let’s face it, most of us know how to do that) then all you need to know are 6 simple questions to help you become more successful in MLM.

I call them income producing questions. You don’t have to say them exactly as they are printed here but you should know a variation of them that fits your personality. You also don’t have to ask all these questions either, just have them ready if the need arises.

6 Income Producing Questions

1. Prospecting

Are you at all open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?

This is a great prospecting question that simply determines if your prospect is open. It’s great for cold market. The way they respond will help you determine whether you should take them to the next step.
A great variation of this question for warm market is this:

Are you at all open to making any income outside of being a (blank)?

The blank is their profession.

2. Presenting
When someone agrees to watch a presentation, it’s important that you are able to serve them. If you want to serve them, then you have to find out what their needs are. For example, I used to think that everyone wanted more money but there are many wealthy professionals that have plenty of money but and really want more time with their family. Find out what they want and simple question that will help you determine that is this:

What has you looking for something new?

Once you know what they are looking for, you can use that as “ammunition” when you are over coming objections.

3. After The Presentation

Once the presentation is over you want them to be in a positive frame of mind and find out it’s a good fit for them. My favorite question for that is this:

What did you like best about what you saw?

4 and 5. Closing Questions
After they tell you what they like about the presentation then it’s time to do a close.

My favorite test close is this:

It sounds to me like you are ready to join!

I know that it isn’t really question but it still puts your prospect in the position of making a decision.

If your prospect seems super excited then you can try asking this:

Are you ready to rock this?

You can use either one. If you prospect is excited, then this simple question might be enough for you to get a yes. If that happens, shut up and give them the paperwork and tell them how to fill it out.

Sometimes, this question won’t get a yes but it will reveal some of your prospects objections. This is good because an objection that you know can at least be dealt with.

6. After You Get A No
Even the best closers can’t get a yes from everyone and it’s important to know what to say that will help you keep control even if you get a no. If you learn how to ask this question effectively, then a no can turn into referrals or even a yes. To find out what that question is, then watch the video.

So now you’ve learned 6 income producing questions. Success in MLM is all about activity. Knowing the questions isn’t enough, it’s being bold enough to ask them to your prospects that will make the difference between failure and success. Will you be bold enough to take action?
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