Negotiating The Best Start For Your Reps

mlm negotiationMLM Training – Getting Your Reps Started
Training your new rep is so important when then first get started because if they don’t see some type of results fast, they are going to get discouraged and they will quit.

Here is how to KICK START your new reps (and yourself)
into taking action immediately and give them
the best chance of success….. in 45 mins flat!

What do they want?
First thing you want to do if you haven’t already done so during the recruiting process is find out why they joined.
Chances are it’s because they either want more money or they want more time.
Find out how much money they want to shoot for in their first month and why they want it.
Maybe they want to double their investment or maybe they want an extra $500. When they tell you what how much they want, make sure that it’s realistic. If it isn’t then set them straight.

Once you know what they want, let them know they will have to give something in return. Just like in a hostage negotiation.
If there are bank thieves with hostages and they happen to be hungry. They may ask the authorities for some pepperoni pizzas.
The authorities will negotiate back and say something like:
“No problem, you want some pizzas, we can get them for you, in exchange we will need half of the hostages.”

If your new team member wants to make and extra $500 this month then you are going to ask them for a list of names and/or 10 hours a week.

My list of “demands” are:
-10+ hours a week working the business
-A list of 50 potential customers and a list of 50 potential business partners
A fast start 60 minute training session within the first 24 to 48 hours of them starting the business.

If they are unwilling to give in to your “demands” then have them readjust their goals.

Don’t Promise
Don’t ever promise your new team member that they will make any amount of money.
You can promise that you will work with them, you can promise that you will show them the path but don’t promise them any amount of money.
Let them know, that there are no guarantees in business. You don’t know the “Quality” of the people that they are putting on their list and you don’t know if your new team member will even work.

Once you give them your “demands” it’s up to them to deliver them.
Often I hear many wanna be network marketers say they got “burned” but they were unwilling to do the work.
They didn’t make a list and they didn’t call it. They went over the training for a month but they didn’t take action.
They will not be able to say that they got “burned” or that you scammed them if you set them straight, manage their expectations and tell them work that needs to be done in the beginning.

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