In Network Marketing, Posture Really Means This…

hypeThe 3 Phases of posture in Network Marketing

Did you know that there are 3 stages of posture?
The higher the stage you are in, the more success you create, the more lives you help and the money you make.

I really wish that I knew about this earlier on in my network marketing career but I’m glad that I know now and I’m happy to share these stages with you.

Stage 1 – Timid Stage
At this stage, you are reluctant to share your opportunity with people. You prejudge. There are some people on your list that you may not even prospect because you are sure that they will say “no”. When you finally do talk to someone about your product, service or business you do so out of weakness.
“Hi, umm, I was wondering if maybe, perhaps, if you had the time that you could look at this business thing that I’ve just joined. If you don’t have the time I understand. I’m sorry for bothering you.”

That’s how I started in network marketing. It took me a while really get started. It’s not surprising that I didn’t get very many sales or sign ups with a prospecting question like that. Even if they did like the business, I certainly wasn’t the leader that people were looking for.

Can you make money at this stage?
Yes you can make money at this stage. You might get some pity sales. Someone may try your product for a month. Some of your prospect might even stay on the product on a monthly basis if you have enough courage to follow up with them so that they have the opportunity to order more.

You might luck out and recruit a superstar but most of the people that join your team will be timid as well and so they probably will have the same small success that you do.

Stage 2 – Know It All Stage
At this stage, you come out guns blazing. In some training, you may have heard that to become successful, you need to have faith, belief and conviction. You have a “don’t take no for an answer” attitude. You learn all of the objections and you know what to say to overcome them. You spend a lot of time nagging and convincing people to join your team. You think that your company is the only option and the other network marketing opportunities are scams.

When someone turns you down, you tell them that their job is the real pyramid, jobs suck and they are small minded. If they can’t find the time or the money to do this business, they aren’t hungry. They don’t want it bad enough.

Unfortunately, I spent a lot of time at this stage. I had lots of people on my team quitting and not making much money. I was getting frustrated. I thought that I had posture but I was mistaken. People that are stuck in stage 2 are the ones that give network marketing a bad name.

Can you make money at this stage?
Yes. You can make money at this stage. Actually, you can make a lot of money at this stage. If you work hard, you’ll be able to recruit a lot of people. You’ll push away the high quality people and attract the low quality people with a lot of hype words. The trouble is, most of the people that you recruit won’t produce results. You’ll have a lot of people on your team that really shouldn’t be on your team because you nagged them and nagged them until they finally joined. Many of the people on your team will be left behind and will probably end up quitting. It will be a situation where you are making money but most of your team isn’t.

Stage 3 – Sage Stage
This stage you have posture but you don’t have the need to convince anyone that you are “right”. Instead of converting and convincing people, you are looking for like minded people. You are looking for people that are looking for you. People that have 3 qualities:
-Hungry and ready to work
-Coachable and trainable
-Open minded

If you find that any of your prospect are missing the above qualities, you disqualify them and move on to the next person.
You are like Yoda in Starwars or Morpheus in The Matrix Movies. You know the truth and you are ready to teach people who want to be taught but not shove it down the throats of the reluctant.

“Goddamnit, Morpheus. Not everyone believes what you believe!”
“My beliefs do not require them to.” ?Jason Lock and Morpheus

morpheusNow that’s posture!

If someone turns you down, you don’t try to convince them, you use a beautiful way to handle rejection that keeps the relationship in tact and makes you look very professional. I go into more detail about it in this blog post: Handling Rejection In An Absolutely Beautiful And Professional Way.
Can you make money at this stage?
Absolutely! With this type of posture, you will attract higher quality people and sometimes you actually won’t let certain people on your team because you don’t want their negative attitude to infect your other recruits. Since you are qualifying instead of convincing, you’ll recruit people that will actually work and more people on your team will produce results. If you work hard not only will you make money and advance ranks, your team will too.

Those are the 3 stages of posture. Did you get value from this post?
Do you agree with me? I would love to hear your opinions in the comments below.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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