MLM Training: What If I Only Had One Night To Train My New Rep?

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What if you were traveling to a city for one night and your sole purpose was to train a new excited rep in your business? What would you do?

I saw this question on facebook and it really made me think.

Many of us are used to the convenience of time. We think that we have a lot of time to train our reps and let them ease into the business.

But having a time limit on your training can actually be an advantage when it comes to training your new rep.

Train People To Train
If you could train your new rep to be successful in one evening and it could duplicate so that your rep would be able to train their reps in just one night, how much more successful would your business be?

If I only had one night to train my new rep, this is what I would focus on.

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Step 1: Make 2 Lists
Before I arrive to train my new rep, I would have them make 2 lists of people that we will call during the training. The 2 lists are: a list of potential customers and a list of potential business partners.

Now, many people don’t like calling their friends and family and bugging them and nagging them about joining a business or become a customer.

I get that. I totally get that.

But, you are not calling them to bug them or to be a nuisance. You are only a nuisance to them if you get addicted to the outcome and you don’t know how to take no for answer. If you simply ask them a question (just like asking them if they want to see a movie or hang out) and you don’t try to change their mind if they say no, then it won’t feel weird and you won’t be bugging them.

Step 2: Help Them Get Customers
Once I arrive, I’ll make sure that they have their 2 lists and I’ll share with them a customer script.

A typical network marketer will be excited about their product and turn their customers off by saying something like this.

You’ve got to try this shake. It’s full of antioxidants and it was created by a Nobel Prize winning professor from Harvard University. It’s clinically proven to help you lose weight and burn fat.

Saying hype like that will simply turn your prospect off.

Instead I use a simple script that doesn’t use hype and is very low pressure. It’s called the Girl Scout Cookie approach and I learned it from Lisa Grossman. I go into more detail about it in another blog post that you can find here:

It sounds a little bit like this:

Hi Bob, I’m doing an energy drink ( or coffee or shake or essential oil or whatever you are selling) business to expand my income. I need to find 15 trial customers to get to the next level with my company. Are you open to trying my energy drink for 1 month so I can get your opinion on it? If you like it then that’s great, you can become one of my preferred customers. If you don’t like it, then let me know and I’ll never ever bring it up again.
Can I count on your support to be one of my 15 trial customers?

Do you see how this script isn’t nagging? It’s simple and not full of hype and very low pressure. I’ll train my rep to be ok with hearing a no. Their job is to simply collect decisions. My reps usually get 50 – 80 percent yes ratio when they call their prospects and ask them on the phone. That number goes down significantly to under 10% if they communicate through text or email instead of calling.

I’ll have them read the script out loud and practice it a couple of times so they are comfortable with. Then, I’ll do a couple of role plays with them to help them get used to it. Then I’ll listen to them make calls.

I’ll listen to them make calls for about 10 – 15 minutes and I’ll give them feed back in between calls. After that, I’ll leave for about 30 – 60 minutes so they keep calling.

By the time I come back, they are excited because they probably have a handful of customers. They’ll also have a lot of people left to call.

Step 3 – Help Them Recruit
Now that they have some customers, I’ll have them call their list of potential business partners.

Having customers makes it easier to call business partners because it shows credibility.

I’ll show them a script for inviting. It might sound something like this.

Would you be open in a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are doing?
Are you at all open to creating any income outside of (their profession)?

The prospect will probably say something like: “What is it?”

This is where having customers will pay off. I train the new rep to say something like this.

“It’s hard for me to explain on the phone but I’ve started working this business just today and now I have 10 (or whatever number they have) customers. I’ll make $100/month (or what ever number they’ll make) with just my efforts of the last hour. Are you open to having a look? Because if you are, I can send you a video (or meet up with you, send you to a webinar, invite you to a presentation) that will explain everything. It’s only x mins long. Do you want to have a peek?”

This script is very low pressure. You are not giving hype and saying that you have the best comp plan and great owners. You aren’t even saying what the company’s product even is. If the prospect wants to have a look then set up a follow up. If not, then be professional and don’t try to change their mind. Respectfully get them off the phone and call the next person.

“Well thanks for your time anyway. I’m glad that things are going well for you.”

Just like the customer script, I’ll have them read the script out loud and do some role plays with them so they get used to it and then I’ll listen to them make some calls while I give some feed back in between.

Then I’ll leave them for 30 – 60 mins so they can do some calls on their own.

They’ll get some appointments booked and they might even get some sign ups.

Step 4 – Teach Them To Teach
By this time, they’ll have a handful of customers and they’ll also have some invitations set to see the presentation. They might even have some new team members.

They’ll also have more people to call on each list because they didn’t have time to call all of them. Since they got some success with each list, they are more likely to go home and finish calling their lists with the next 24 hours. They will probably add some names to each list now that they see how low pressure the scripts are.

Near the end of the evening and the training, I’ll ask them:

Now that you know the steps and the scripts and you’ve even had some success with them, would you be able to teach your new reps to get new customers and recruit new reps the way you just did?

Of course they would.

That’s how I would teach a rep if I only had one night to do it.

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