My Advice To You About The Election Results

respondThe night before the election, I made a video about the results of the election.

I argued that it does not matter who wins the election.  Our lives will not change (that much).  We will still do the same things everyday.  We will still get up and get to work.  We will pay our bills and have dinner with our families.

The results of our life have less to do with what happens to us and more to do to how we respond to them.

Responding vs Reacting

When it comes down to it, if you react to something, you lose control of your destiny.  When you react, your emotions are involved and you aren’t keeping a level head.  Instead you want to respond.  Some of us may feel that we are negatively affected by the election but I promise you this.

There are people who will feel negatively affected by this election but they will take their circumstances and recognize them as opportunities to grow.  They will use their circumstances as fuel to become successful.

Others will feel like their fate is not in their hands and they will blame outside sources as to why they aren’t successful in life.

Don’t Fear

There are 2 main things that have the biggest effect on your life.  The first one is your higher power (whether you call it God, Allah, The Universe or Fate).  If you worry or if you have fear then you are showing a lack of trust in your higher power.  The other is you.  it’s your actions and your attitudes  that have the biggest impact on your life.

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