My Favorite Inspiration Video/Audio

There are probably thousands of inspiration videos on the internet.
This one is among one of my favorites.
I have actually stripped out the audio to this and put it on my ipod.
I listen to it in the car, when I work out and when I’m on a walk.
Sometimes I go to sleep listening to this and sometimes it’s set as my alarm when I wake up.

Whenever I’m discouraged because I’m frustrated with my life or with my business, I listen to it.


A must see if you’re bravely following your dreams, or if you’re simply starting to.

A Sprinkling Of Les Brown, With A Dash Of Balboa, And You Have The Perfect Motivation Video!

A raw, genuine speech about dreams. Prepare to be fined a montage of effective snippets from unbelievable speeches, goose-bump inducing music, and a straight-to-the-point look at where you are, and where you wish to be.

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