1 Word That Instantly Builds Posture When Prospecting

postureProspecting Posture
It took me a long time to finally figure it out. My upline would always tell me, the secret to recruiting is posture. Don’t get addicted to the outcome. I knew it but I wasn’t applying it. I still had a scarcity mentality and I wanted to recruit everybody however nobody was joining my team.

I eventually did figure it out. I started to ask questions that would make my prospects chase me and want to know what I was doing. A lot of people ask me what those questions are so I made a free audio download of it. It’s called “Recruiting Questions That Work” and you can get it here: http://kennysantos.com/rqtw/

My Favorite Prospecting Word
Ever since I got out of my scarcity mindset about prospects and I realized that they are everywhere, I got better and better at recruiting and building prospecting posture. I’ve noticed that if I used the word “even” in my prospecting questions, that my prospects would want to qualify themselves to me rather than me trying to convince them that network marketing is for them.

How do you use the word “even”?
To get more prospecting posture, I would use the word even as a qualifying word and usually place it before the word open.

I’m expanding my business and I’m looking for someone that is hungry, wants a change and ready to work. Do you know anyone is open to that?

Turns into:

I’m expanding my business and I’m looking for someone that is hungry, wants a change and ready to work. Do you know anyone is EVEN open to that?

If someone is complaining about their job or their boss, instead of saying:
Are you at all open to creating any income outside of being a mechanic (or whatever their job happens to be)?

I instead say:

I am working on a side project but I’m not sure if this is for you. Are you EVEN open to creating any income outside of being a mechanic?

It works for products too.
For weight loss shake:
This isn’t for everybody, it’s for someone that really cares about the quality of the food they put into their body. Is that EVEN you?

For a face cream:
This isn’t your typical face cream. It’s very well made, it’s not for someone that will settle and spend $10/month on a jar of cream at Walmart that doesn’t work very well. It’s for someone who really cares about their face. Is that EVEN you?

Turn the tables
Instead of convincing someone to join your team, qualify them.
Using the word “Even” really gives you some prospecting posture.

People want to do the opposite of what you say
If you say, “This is amazing, you’ll love this, you’d be great at this.”
They’ll probably look at it with their arms crossed thinking,
“It’s great huh? Probably not but let me be the judge of that!”

However if you say, “This probably isn’t for you, it’s for someone who is hungry and wants a change in their life, is that even you?
They’ll want to qualify and think,
“Not for me? What does he know? It probably is for me! Let me see what this is all about!”

The word EVEN makes them want to qualify more. It reels the right prospects instead of pushing them away.

If it doesn’t make them want to chase you then they weren’t they right prospect or customer for you anyway. They would not have joined your team or bought your product/service.

Do I lose some sales because I qualify and use the word “even”? Yes! I absolutely do. But the people that I do bring on to the team, are more likely to work hard and less likely to quit. That’s the opposite of what happened when I tried to convince someone by saying “It’s easy! You’d be great at this!”

P. S.
Ever Walk Away From That “Perfect Prospect” and Wish That You Knew What To Say? Get the free audio download of “Network Marketing Questions That Work.” You’ll be able to steer the conversation and get the right prospects to chase you and WANT to know more details about your business.

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