Network Marketing Success: How to Make To Make Them Beg To Buy


Can you actually make a prospect beg to buy?
The truth is you can’t do that for every prospect but you CAN do it for the right prospect.
It won’t work for the ones that have no interest in what you have to offer.

The best way to explain this is what another trainer taught me.

“Don’t be pushy. Be pulley”~Ray Higdon

As network marketers a lot of our words sound like we are trying to convince someone to buy or join.
“It’s so easy!”
“You would be great at this!”
“Anyone can do it”
“Save your spot now!”

Words like that put up a wall of resistance around your prospect.

Instead use qualifying words.
“It takes a certain type of person to do this”
“It’s not for everyone, it’s for the super motivated and entrepreneurial minded.”

It also works for products.
Example: For anti aging face cream.
“This is high end spa quality cream. It’s not for everyone. Just for people that really care about wrinkles and how they look.”
“Anyone who uses this has to follow the instructions exactly.”

The more stipulations you put, the more they want to “qualify to buy”.

By using qualifying words in your conversations, you’ll be saving yourself from spending time with the wrong people.

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