Network Marketing Success: How to shut up and make more money.


Often Network Marketers don’t know when to just shut up.

Besides the “send” button, there is one button on my phone that makes me the most money.

That button is the “mute” button.

The most important time to keep your mouth shut is after you have edified and introduced your upline to your prospect.

Do not interrupt them.
Don’t “remind” them to mention something.

Every time you interrupt your upline in front of your prospect, their credibility goes down.

To prevent myself from interrupting my upline, I mute myself out of the phone conversation. When it’s a face to face introduction, I make sure to bite my tongue and not talk unless my upline asks.

You might be able to answer your prospects questions, just as well or even better than your upline but that is not the point.
Don’t let your ego get in the way. The whole reason why you are using your upline is to show your prospect how easy it is to duplicate. If you answered all of their questions and overcame all of their objections, then they might think to them self, “I can’t do that.” However if you let your upline do the heavy lifting, then your prospect is more likely to think, “All Kenny did was show me some information and introducing me to (upline’s name). That’s pretty simple, I can do that.”

I forgot to say so in the video but this is video #8 of my 90 videos in 90 days challenge.

My favorite mute button story.
I was talking to my prospect who was in a different city.
I got my upline on the phone who was in another city.
I made the introductions, edified my upline and then I pressed mute.
My prospect and my upline were talking while I was listening and taking notes.
About 10-15 minutes into the conversation, they asked me for my input.
It took me a couple moments to get off of mute so they wondered if I was even listening.
When I was able to speak to them, I apologized for taking so long to respond.
My upline didn’t miss a beat, he said, “(Prospect’s name), see how simple this is? The one guy that’s going to make the most money from this conversation is on mute. Can you do that?”
The prospect ended up joining the business.

Powerful story isn’t.

Knowing when to be quiet and trusting your upline after you make an introduction to a prospect can make a big difference not only in your success but more importantly, your downline’s success because they are more likely to duplicate the process in which they joined.

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P. S.
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