Network Marketing Success: Talking to the Right People When You Cold Call


There are a couple of great things about calling cold market leads
1. The don’t know your track record. (they are less likely to prejudge you)
2. You can target any type of person you want (men, women, professionals, students, etc.)
3. They are endless. (you will never run out)

The last one is the one you should remember most.
If they are endless, it becomes less selling and more sorting.
Who ever makes the most calls wins.

You don’t need to spend anytime trying to convince someone to look or to join. You just need to see if they are open.

Too many network marketers waste their time on the wrong people. It wastes your time and the prospects time. Instead just collect a decision.

What should I say?
After building a little bit of rapport and an introduction try one of these or a variation of it.
Todd Falcone Script:

“(prospect), do you at all keep your options open in terms of making ANY money outside of (their profession)”

or the Ray Higdon Script:

“Would you be interested in a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are already doing?”

If they say no, then politely dismiss them (they will be thankful)
If they say yes, then invite them to see more information.

That’s it!

Since they are cold, you want to quickly disqualify them.

Say less to more people. You’ll get more experience¬†and make more success.

Create a great day!

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P. S.
People often tell me that they have no one to talk to, that they don’t have leads to invite and present to. It’s a big problem to have but it’s also easy to solve. If you want to know how to get an endless supply of leads for free or very little cost then go and solve that problem.

What’s the 90 in 90?

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