Network Marketing Success: The Secret to Home Parties

Home-Shopping-PartyThere is one thing that determines the success of a home party or not.
It’s not the amount of work you do during the home party that matters as much as the amount of work you do before the home party.

Home parties will only be successful in direct proportion to the amount of people that are there.
A few people= a little bit of success
Some people =some success
Lots of people= lots of success
No people = No success.

So how do you get people to show up to your party?
If you are like me, then most of your warm market just isn’t that entrepreneurial minded and they don’t want to start a home business.
The typical, “I’m starting home business, it’s ground floor (hype) with a break through product (hype) and we are going to make a lot of money (hype). You would be perfect at this, you should come check it out.” Just doesn’t fly. Especially if you don’t really have business credibility with your warm market.

But if you aren’t credible on the business side and your warm market isn’t very entrepreneurial minded, there is so hope.
You just have to change the way you invite people.

Now some people just invite people over and surprise them with a business presentation.
Don’t do that. It makes you and our the entire industry look very unprofessional.

Not everyone wants to start a business, but everybody buys products and services.
Whether it’s gas for their car, groceries for their family, cable tv.  Everybody buys something on a regular basis.

So instead of inviting people to look at the business, invite people to look at the product or service.

If you do that, you’ll get a lot more people to show up.

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So you might be wondering how do I invite them.
Say something like this:
“(prospect), I started an cosmetics business and I’m having some girls over to sample it. Do you want to be included?”
“(prospect), I started a coffee business and I’m having some people over to sample it. Do you want to be included?”

See how it ends with a takeaway? (almost)
Do you want to be included?
Of course they want to be included. No one wants to be the one that’s not going to the party and having a great time.

***Please note, that you will not be back dooring them or surprising them with business presentation. This is the type of home party to sell product only.

You might be thinking that you would rather recruit business builders not customers. If you do this, not only will you get customers but you’ll get business builders as well.

It also lets you build some credibility for when you do talk to some people about the business.
“I had some people over for my coffee business and I made $X! You have to check this out!”

You can always have a second home party with a business opportunity presentation for those that expressed interest in the business.

Your home parties can be a great success, you just have to invite people the right way!

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P. S.
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What’s the 90 in 90?

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