Network Marketing Success Tip [video]: Should You Even Bother Prospecting Your Warm Market?

warm market vs cold market

With all of the social media and online marketing and cold market strategies, should you even talk to your friends and family?

You should prospect your friends and family and when you do, you should not care if they join or not.

Prospecting your friends and family does not have to be awkward.

Just ask them if they want to have look.

“I’m working on a new project, are you at all interested in making any extra money.”

(You can come up with your own prospecting lines, there are lots.)

They will give you 1 of 2 responses:
1. Yes
2. No

If they say yes, show them the info through an email or set up an appointment.

If they say no, just don’t make it weird. Don’t hype them by saying this is “ground floor” with “break through product” or any other nonsense like that. Collect their decision, cross them off the list and talk to the next person.

Simple right?

It gets awkward when you try to convince when they say no. (BTW it doesn’t matter when they say “no” whether it’s before they see the info or after) Trying to convince someone to join your team just looks desperate and makes you look unprofessional.

Warm Market

(don’t do this)

If you want to make it even easier, you could always just talk about the product.

“I know that you don’t like opportunities like this but I thought you could be my customer, would you be open to looking at the product?”

If you talk to your warm market, you’ll get (at least some) success. ¬†Which is a great place to start!

If you are willing to play, you’ll get some of your warm (even some of your burnt) market to become customers and also to become reps simply because you asked.

Once you a get even a little bit of success with the warm market, it makes cold market prospecting even easier!

Create a great day!

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P. S.
People often tell me that they have no one to talk to, that they don’t have leads to invite and present to. It’s a big problem to have but it’s also easy to solve. If you want to know how to get an endless supply of leads for free or very little cost then go and solve that problem.


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