Network Marketing Success Tip: Why they think it’s too expensive


Have you ever had a prospect/customer say, “it’s too expensive!”?

There are 2 reasons why they think it’s too expensive. They both have to do with value.

The first reason why they might not see value is because just haven’t shown them all of the features and the benefits of your product/service. The best way to show them is through testimonials, and also through videos and company tools.

The second reason why they might see value is because they aren’t the right type of person.
If you sell high end skin cream that costs $80 -$100/month and you present it to someone that spends $6 at the walmart, they won’t see the value. Doesn’t matter how many more features and benefits your cream has compared to the one they buy.
You are better off trying to sell to someone that already pays $80 – $100/month on facial cream at their spa.

Remember that when you are talking to a prospect and they say that it’s too expensive.
There are 2 reasons:
The first has to do with you and you can overcome that.
The second one has do with them and has nothing to do with you. They aren’t right fit for your business.

It’s not about whether they have enough money, it’s whether it’s worth it to them.  There are plenty of people spending money on fast food while they say it’s too expensive to buy organic fruits.

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