Network Marketing Success: When you don’t have time to grow your business

no timeHave you or one of your downline ever said this?
“I would be growing my business more but I just don’t have the time. ”

Everyone’s time is limited.
You might work full time.
Maybe even 2 jobs.
You may have kids and other parental responsibilities.
You might volunteer.
Who knows?

If you don’t have time now, then you desperately need the residual income that Network Marketing has to offer. It’s probably one of the reasons that you joined.

Don’t let one of the reasons that you started be one of your excuses why you can’t reach success.

I was listening to a training about time management and this is what the trainer said:

“It is your management of time, not your availability of time that determines the velocity of your success.”~Ray Higdon

If you can’t manage what little time you have now, then you won’t be able to manage more time.

You actually have more time than you think.
You might spend 10 hours a week on your business right now.
That’s plenty of time. The thing is that most people don’t spend those 10 hours doing IPAs (Income Producing Activities)

Instead, they avoid the uncomfortable stuff. They might clean up their office, or study more about their comp plan or product. After they spend their time doing something other than an IPA, they think to themselves, “I did good today, tomorrow I’ll start with the phone calls.”
But tomorrow the same process repeats itself.

If you can’t build your Network Marking business on a part time basis, then you won’t be able to build it on a full time basis.

The same poor time management habits will carry forward. Instead of spending 2 hours a day reading and studying for your business, you’ll spend 8 hours a day reading and studying. You’ll still avoid doing the IPAs.

Work with what time you have now and make sure that it is productive.

If you look closely, you’ll find that you really do have enough time to grow your business and when your business does start to produce income, you’ll be able to scale back on your job and have even more time.

Work your business like you read a book. When you are reading a book you enjoy, you don’t have to “schedule time” to read it. You bring the book with you everywhere you go and read it when ever you get the chance.

You might be waiting for an appointment and you’ll be reading your book.
You might be waiting for your oil to be changed and you’ll be reading your book.
You might be having a coffee or a bite to eat and you’ll be reading your book.

What if you worked your business in a similar fashion?
You could prospect while you are on your lunch break.
You could even prospect during commercial breaks when you are watching TV.

A little bit of time spent doing Income Producing Activities is always better for your business than no time.

If all you did was talk to 5 people a day, (very doable even for those that are short on time), you’ll have made 150 phone calls at the end of the month.
That’s more calls than 90% of Network Marketers out there. And you’d get 90% more results as well.

Create a great day!

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