New Network Marketer Goes From Zero To Presenting In Front Of The Room For His Team

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When You Have To Be The Leader

One of my downline called me and asked me, “Do you know if there are any presentations on Friday nights in (his area of town)?

I remember when I first moved back to Toronto, I was one of the few people building for my network marketing company because it was fairly new in the area. There wasn’t any local presentations.

So what do you do if there is no local presentation?

You can do one of 2 things.

Plug into the the company systems and tools.
Even in today’s age, it might seem “old school” but besides doing hotel meetings, Network Marketing companies are still doing weekly (or more often) phone presentations. Most are also doing scheduled webinars.
These are great events to plug your prospect into. With everyone calling in and showing their excitement it displays the companies culture and sense of community. If there is no local event for you to plug into, you can always invite your prospect to one of these types of presentations. All they need is either a phone or an internet connection.

If the phone presentations or the webinars are inconvenient for either you or your prospect, then you could just have them watch a video on line. There’s probably a very refined and professional looking presentation that’s done by a company leader that you could use. You should use it. That’s why your company leaders have made them.

It’s important that if you are having your prospect watch a pre recorded presentation, that you actually schedule it with them. Don’t be lazy by sending them a link and saying, “Watch this and call me if you are interested.” That doesn’t work. Schedule a date and time where you will follow up with the prospect. It might sound like this.
“Ok, you said that you can watch the video tonight at 8pm. Great. So if I call you at 830pm, you’ll have seen it for sure right?”

In either case, once the presentation is over, you can contact your prospect and continue on with the recruiting process by overcoming their objections and closing.

Be the leader

If there is no leader in your area, then you have to be the leader. If there are no presenations in your area, then you have to start them.

When I first move back to Toronto, I had to step up and start doing presentations. I was ok with that because I had lots of experience doing presentations. But what if I didn’t? That’s the dilemma that my downline had.

I asked him if he had the company “flip chart” (it’s basically the company powerpoint in paper format).
He said that not only did he have a the flip chart but he also had the company powerpoint and a company video so he could show it on his tablet.

This is what I told him to do. Start building for friday night meetings at a local coffee shop. Do a night of blitz presentations where you are doing a presentation every 30 mins or so for a different prospect. He wanted to do friday nights so I suggested to do a presentation at 6pm then another at 630pm then another at 7pm and another at 730pm. If you can build and bring 5-10 people to a local business meeting by a leader then you can build and book people to meeting you at a local coffee shop. You can do 4 or 5 or more per night. If you have too many people (which is a great problem to have) you can always double book a time slot and meet 2 or more people at a time. This is great because it protects your time. If one of your prospects cancels or no shows, you’ll still have another prospect to present to and you’ll still be productive.

If you don’t think you’ll be good a doing the presentation, don’t worry. You could always just have your prospect watch the presentation on your tablet or lap top and continue the with the close afterwards. Don’t forget to use your upline mentor if they are available for 3 way calls. Once you get more comfortable, you can start doing the presentations yourself. I promise you, once you do a couple of presentations, you’ll get very comfortable doing it and once you do a night or 2 of presentations, you’ll get very good at it.

Booking your presentations back to back brings a lot of crediblity. There’s a sense of urgency for a prospect to join when they come to meet you to talk about a new project and they see that you’ve just met with someone and they also see that someone else is waiting to see you for the same thing. I used to have all of my prospect who were ready to join or who wanted to think about it fill out an application form and I would number them and stack them on the table. I would use those forms as leverage.
If my prospect needed a little nudge, I would just say something like this:

“As you can see, I met with Bob before I met you. He’s thinking about joining, I also have Dave who is commited and Jane who thinking about too. Their paperwork is right here. Now, I can’t put you ahead of Dave because he is already in but if you want to join now, if Bob and Jane join, they’ll be part of your team. I also have a meeting with Joe (oh look he’s right there waiting) and Sally after you tonight. If they end up joining they’ll be on your team as well.”

You can build a lot of momentum by doing 1 on 1 presentations at your local coffee shop. You could even have your downline build for them as well. Once your team gets big enough, you’ll have to eventually start doing home meetings or hotel presentations. In this day and age with webinars and attraction marketing, it may seem “old school” to do coffee shop presentations but I assure you, they are very effective.
My downline, who is in his early 20’s loved the idea and his team is growing because he has put that plan into action.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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