New Year’s Resolutions For Network Marketers (easy to keep)

new-years-resolutionsNew Year’s Resolutions
The big joke about making New Year’s Resolutions is that you make a promise on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day and end up breaking that promise within 2 weeks. Sometimes as little as 2 days.

If you want to make this next year your best year ever in Network Marketing here are 2 New Year’s Resolutions that are easy to keep but also can make a huge difference in your results this year.

1.Prospect Every Day
Pick a realistic number of people that you will prospect everyday. If you don’t know what number to pick, then start small. It almost doesn’t matter what number you pick as long as you do it everyday.
Even if you picked one person a day, that equals 30 people a month. That’s more prospecting than 95% of network marketers.
You can always change your number if you find it too easy or too challenging.
If you pick the number 20 or the number 50. You might be able to keep up for a week or more but eventually you will get burned out. If you don’t lower the number, you might end up quitting.
If you pick a number like 1 or 2, you might find that it’s too easy and you want to challenge yourself more then increase your number every day or every week. You might build yourself up to getting 20 or 50 people a day.
What’s important that you prospect every single day.

2.Read Every Day
Many network marketers know that they should be reading from a personal development book daily. But they don’t. You probably have a stack of books that you have been meaning to get so promise yourself that you will read at least 10-15 minutes each day.
If you read just 10-15 minutes each day, you’ll read about a book a month. That equals 12 books a year. All from 10 -15 minutes a day!
If you find that you don’t have the time, then get an audio book and listen to it while you are driving, cooking or doing housework.
Some may argue that it’s not as good as actually reading but it’s much better than doing nothing.

Easy to do
These 2 New Year’s Resolutions are easy to do. They are easy to skip too.
What if you did them?
What kind of change would you be able to see in as little as a month?
If we all did these 2 small things we would all be a lot more successful as a profession.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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