Not Just Your Why… Your DESPERATE Why

I was on a webinar last night with Eric Worre from Network Marketing Pro and he mentioned a term that I wish I heard 10 years ago when I first started entrepreneurship.

If you are starting something new and you want to be successful, then you must find your why.
Not just ANY why.

Here’s what I mean.

Let’s pretend that you are smoker and you want to quit.

Why do would you want to quit?
To be healthier?
To save money?
To smell better?
These aren’t good enough to most.

How about this?
To be able to keep up with kids and grandkids without losing your breath.
To live long enough to walk your daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.
To stay around so that you don’t leave your wife widowed to support the kids.
These are more emotional. These are desperate whys.

If your why doesn’t make you cry, then you haven’t found it yet.

Why would you started get in Network Marketing?
More money?
A nicer car?
A bigger house?
Again not good enough.

How about these?
If I don’t do something, I’ll stay at this job for the rest of my life and I hate it.
If I don’t do something, we will get evicted and my family will be homeless.
If I don’t do something, we’ll keep raising the kids in this dangerous neighborhood.
Again these are more emotional. These are desperate whys.

Everyone’s whys are unique and you owe to yourself and the people you love to find your whys so that you can be successful.
If your whys are strong enough, if they are desperate enough then you will not quit.
If your whys are desperate enough you will work towards success even when you don’t feel like it.
If your whys are desperate enough you’ll work day and night towards your goals and you will have more than you can imagine and you’ll get there faster than you thought possible.

Once you get your whys, write them down and put them in 3 spots:
1. The bathroom mirror – so you’ll see them first thing when you wake up.
2. The dashboard of your car – so you’ll see them everytime you drive.
3. Any other spot that you’ll see a lot.

The smoker might put his whys on his box of cigarettes, the dieter might put his whys on the fridge, the guy who gets distracted watching TV might put his whys on the remote.

So now that everytime you get distracted, you’ll get reminded of your why.

Imagine how much faster the smoker would quit if everytime he grabbed a cigarette he saw his why and he would have to make a decision of what he wants more: to walk his daughter down the aisle when she gets married or a measley cigarette.
Or the diabetic that everytime he went to grab a snack from the fridge he would see his why and decide if he would rather keep his toes or have piece of chocolate cake.
And the network marketer when he knows that he should be working making calls but wants to watch TV, see his why on his remote and he has to decide whether he wants to watch TV or save his family from losing their home.

Walking your daughter down the aisle is a much stronger why than simply being more healthy.
Keeping your toes is a much stronger why than controlling your blood sugar.
Saving your family from homelessness is a much stronger why than having more money.

I invite you to find your WHY use that motivation to achieve success

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