Nursing Student stops procrastination with this simple trick

Stopping ProcrastinationStopping Procrastination

Do you want to know a simple trick that really stops procrastination?

Procrastination is the big preventable thief of our success. We could get so much more accomplished if we just stopped procrastinating.

We often procrastinate our projects in favor of doing things that we would enjoy doing more but imagine how much more we could enjoy those same things knowing that we already had our obligations completed for the day.

It isn’t hard to write a book, it’s hard to start writing the book.~Unknown

The thing about procrastination is that most people think it’s temporary.  “I not going stop working towards my dream forever.  I’m just going to stop working towards my dream for today.”  But for most, procrastination stops people day after day until you feel like there’s no more time left.

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Stopping Procrastination Dead In It’s Tracks
Schedule some time in the day when you are going to work on your project. And when that time comes, work on it for at least 5 mins.

5 minutes… That’s all it takes to get started. That’s all it takes to get the ball rolling and start some momentum.

I learned how top stop procrastination in nursing school. I wasn’t one that liked to study but I was at a friends house and we were supposed to be studying and she said, let’s just study for 5 minutes. I found that 5 minutes of studying turned into a 30 – 60 minute session and I didn’t even realize it. Once we finished studying, I was so happy that we had started.

If you are in network marketing and you know that you should be prospecting, then tell yourself that you’ll prospect for at least 5 mins and if you want to you can stop after 5 minutes. You’ll find that most of the time, you’ll want to keep going.

If you are one of those people that will write a book “one day” then write for a minium of 5 minutes per day. You’ll find that you’ll be in the middle of a thought and you won’t want to stop writing after 5 minutes.

If you want to exercise, start with 5 minutes. Talk a 5 minute walk. Stretch for 5 minutes. Do something physical for 5 minutes. Most of the time, you’ll find that you can’t stop.

If you just do 5 minutes of your chosen activity, you’ll start to get things done.
5 minutes of prospecting is calling 2 people. If you only do that on Mondays through Fridays that’s 10 people a week. That’s 10 more people than you would have prospected if you had procrastinated.

5 minutes of writing everyday is 25-30 minutes per week. If you did that 50 weeks of the year, that’s 1500 minutes. 1500 minutes is 25 hours of writing. How much of your book do you think you could write in 25 hours?

The best part
The best part is in the above examples, I only calculated if you stopped after 5 minutes. On some days, you will stop after 5 minutes and that’s ok. But on most days, you won’t stop. You’ll cheat! You’ll go on for more than 5 minutes. You might go on for 30 or 60 minutes. You start liking the activity that you’ve been procrastinating!

How cool is that?

Developing Habits.
The 5 minute strategy is all about developing your habits.

If you do something everyday, you’ll get better at it. If you get better at it, you’ll start to enjoy it. If you enjoy it, you’ll do it more often.

Create a great day!

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