Objections in MLM From A Nurse’s Point of View

You’ve probably heard it before.
Responding vs Reacting
Many do not understand the difference.
You can have many different ways of overcoming objections but if the way you try to overcome them makes your prospect go on the defensive or makes them feel small then you lose.
And when I say you lose, you might be right but your prospect won’t join you simply because they don’t want to be part of your team.

Reacting to a prospect (above)

Here’s a simple analogy.
Many of you know that I am a nurse (or at least I used to be one in a past life)
As a result I gave many patients some anitbiotics for infections.
If the patients reacts to the medication, the outcome isn’t good.
A reaction to medication may include: rash, itchiness, nausea, dizzyness and other unpleasant things.
How ever if they respond to the medication then the outcome is much better.
The antibiotics are working and the infection will clear.

So let’s break it down with some objections
Does (your product) really work?
Reaction: Of course it works! Didn’t you see the testimonials today? Do you think that they are paid actors? We have all this research that I can show you…
Response: Wow. I’m glad that you asked that. I thought the same thing and you know what turned me around? I talked to some of the people who’s life has been changed as a result of (your product) Let me introduce you to Jane, she was one of the testimonials…

Are People Really Making Money?
Reaction: Are you kidding me? Did you see the big checks on the screen? We have Bob in New Jersey that made $5000 in his first month and we have Suzy that made…
Response: That’s a really good question. A lot of people wonder if we are just faking our income stories or stretching the truth. If we did those sorts of things then we would get shut down by the government. Let’s talk to Bob you made xxx…

In the reactions above, the prospect is made to feel wrong.
However in the responses, the prospects concerns were acknowledged as valid by saying, “I felt that way too” or “A lot of people ask that”

It’s called network marketing for a reason. It’s a relationship business.
If you make them feel wrong and inferior then they won’t like you and won’t join.
You both lose out.
If you acknowledge them in a kind way and overcome their objections without making them feel small, then they are more likely to like you and more likely to join.
You both win!

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