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I wish I knew this before…

I wish that I knew this when I first got started in the MLM profession.

When I first got started back in 2003, the leaders told me that,

“It’s not about selling, it’s about sorting.”

They may have said that but it isn’t what I was taught.

They taught me that:
-Our company was “The Best” and I was doing my prospect a disservice if I didn’t recruit them onto the team.

– I wasn’t to take “no” for an answer.

– If you have rebuttals ready for all the objections then they can’t say no.

What they should have told me was, that it’s ok when the prospect says no.

There was a lot of pressure put on us to make sure that we get the sale and not let them “get away.”

The Best
Let’s try on the possibility that there is no such thing as “The Best” MLM company.
So what if your company:
– Sold millions or even billions of product last year.
– Has the best product.
– Has the best comp plan.
– That everyone needs your product.

Does that make your company “The Best”?
Guess what? All of the companies proclaim that they have the best product, comp plan, CEO etc.

The Best Fit
Instead having the narrow minded thinking that your company is the best, why not consider that your company is the BEST for you. That way, you can put away your ego and stop saying all of the hype that turns people off. If we are part of different MLMs and I say my company is the best and you say that your company is the best and Joe says his company is the best, what do you think all of the outsiders looking in think? Is it possible (in fact highly possible) that they think we are a bunch of disillusioned fools. Or that we are liars?

Your sponsor and the leaders in your company might not like me saying this but this allows you to take a step back and really consider if your current company really is the best for for you. If you aren’t getting the success that you want. Could you be getting better success with another company? Not because the other company is “better” but because the company is just a better fit for you.

Horse Analogy
If you have a small fast horse, you’d get great use with it by putting a saddle on it and racing it.
However, if you have a big strong horse, you’d get great use with it if you put a harness on it and have it pull a wagon.

Pulling a wagon or racing; neither is better than the other it’s about which activity is a better fit for each horse.

It sets you free
Once you realize that it’s not about convincing your prospect that MLM is the best way to success or your MLM is the best it takes the pressure off of you.

When you are MLM prospecting, if your prospect isn’t entrepreneurial, has no interest in owning a business and is happy with their current circumstances, then they probably aren’t a good fit. That’s cool, you are now free to spend your time looking for someone that is a good fit.

If your prospects doesn’t use or like the products your company sells then they probably aren’t a good fit.

(Listen, I know that your leaders told you that everyone is a prospect and that every needs your product but guess what? Just because they need it, doesn’t mean they want it. If they don’t want it, then they aren’t a good fit)

If you are part of a make up company and your prospect doesn’t wear make up they probably aren’t a good fit. It doesn’t matter that you have the best make up or the best comp plan. They just aren’t a good fit. Now that you know that, you can spend your time looking for someone that is a good fit.

Now… It really is a business of sorting. Isn’t it?

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