One Of The Most Overlooked Ingredients To Success That Everyone Needs To Know

Ingredients To SuccessIngredients To Success
There are many ingredients that you need to be successful.
You need to have Faith.
You need to feel worthy.
You need to have a burning desire.
You need to work hard.
There are others but there is an ingredient that many forget about.

You can have all of the other ingredients that are necessary for success but if you are missing this one, the journey is so much harder and so much longer.

Having faith, feeling worthy and wanting it bad will make you work hard. But will it make you work hard enough for long enough?

If you look at some of the “greats” that have achieved success, you can see that they keep going even after they have “made it”

Why is it that singers like Justin Bieber or Beyonce keep churning out hit after hit while there are others that also get number one hits only to become “one hit wonders”?
Why is it that atheletes like Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretsky and Kobe Bryant can churn out championship after champion ship?

It’s can’t be about the money or wanting it bad enough because all of these people already have a ton of money. What keeps them going?

Passion For The Process
It takes hard work to become successful. Hard work becomes easier if you like the work.
If you want to become successful by becoming a best selling author but you don’t like writing, then your road will be long and hard. However if you love to write, then your road won’t feel as hard or as long simply because you like doing it.

People often ask themselves, “What opportunities will make me the most money?”

They should instead be asking themselves, “What do I love to do?”

If you love to do something, you’ll do it more often. If you do it more often you’ll get good at it.

You’ve probably heard that Michael Jordan didn’t make it on to his high school basket ball team. He kept working harder and harder until he was good enough. He would not have been able to keep working so hard if he didn’t love the game.

The singers that keep churning out hit after hit do so because they love singing so much that they do it all day long. It doesn’t matter to them if they make any more money by singing. It’s no longer about the money. They just love to do it. Maybe the one hit wonders just didn’t have the same passion for the process as the others did. Once they got rich off of singing they stopped working hard.

Find something that you are passionate about and think of a way that you can make bring value to the world by doing it more often. The more you love something, the more you’ll do it. The more you do it, the better you become. And when you are good at something, you start getting paid.

I’m not saying that the road to success has to be all cupcakes and dingdongs and easy but at least if you like the road (or the process) it feels easier.

We want to become successful so that we can have more time to do the things we love but what if we could become successful by doing the things we love.

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