Overcoming Objections: When they ask, “Will it work for me?”


Overcoming Objections: Will it work for me?

Do you know what the best thing to say when Your Prospect asks,

“Will it work for me?

Usually they will ask that after you talk about how amazing your product is and when you share your personal story or a testimonial of someone who has used the product.

You might have shared that someone (perhaps even you!) have lost weight because of a weight loss shake. You might even show them before and after photos.

Or perhaps, you’ll have before and after photos of someone after they use an anti-aging cream.

Or maybe it’s a testimonial showing how some essential oils have help someone sleep better or feel more energy.

It’s best to talk about dramatic changes that happen in a short period of time. But then your prospect asks in skeptical (or maybe in just an inquiring) tone,
“Will it work for me?”

What Most Say
The typical network marketer response sounds like this.

“Of course it’s going to work! Blah, blah, blah, It’s a scientific breakthrough. Blah blah blah, It was invented by a nobel prize winner who is chief of staff over nutrition at such and such university. blah, blah, blah, It’s scientifically proven. blah blah blah. It’s contains X (a magical fruit or a special ingredient).”

There are 2 main problems with a response like that.

You sound Desperate
First, you sound like a hyped up salesman (or sales woman). When you start talking about science and the accolades of your product most people tune out. If you were a commercial on TV, they would either change the channel or fast forward until your rant is done.

You Can’t Make Guarantees
Second, you can’t make guarantees. You may think you know that it’s going to work but really you don’t know if it will.
They might be allergic to something in your product.
They may not use the product properly.
They may not use the product at all. It might just sit on their shelf and they might forget to take it.
They may use it as instructed and but for what ever reason it just doesn’t work.
So you just don’t know.

You can get yourself and your company into trouble.
There are governing bodies that are watching. If anyone makes any false claims or does anything wrong then your company can get into a lot of trouble and you can get kicked out of your company. So don’t do it.

What should you say?
This is what you should say instead

“I don’t know if it will work for you, but what if it does?”
“Are you open to trying it for a month to see if works for you the same way it worked for me (or whoever’s story you are sharing)?”

(Btw, I learned that golden nugget from Kim Klaver  )

By saying that you aren’t sure if it’s going to work for them. It does 3 things.

1. It shows that you are honest. You don’t look desperate to make a sale.
2. In the (unlikely) event that it doesn’t work, your relationship won’t be “weird”.
How, would it feel if you guaranteed results to a friend or a family member about a product that you sold them and it didn’t work for them? You’ll look like a liar and scammer. They’ll feel like they’ve been ripped off by a close friend.
3. They are more likely to try it.

If you go to a restaurant that a friend recommends or even owns, then you are more likely to try it. If you like the food, you’ll come back. If you don’t you won’t return but it won’t feel like you got ripped off.

If they try and love it, then they will order more (if you follow up with them.)

If they try it and they don’t get the results that they hoped then they won’t reorder but there is no hard feelings.

How cool is that?

What are your thoughts on this approach when someone asks, “Will it work for me?”
I would love to know in the comments below.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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