The Easy Way To Get An Appointment In MLM

Get An Appointment The easiest part of network marketing is doing a presentation, answering questions and collecting a decision. The hard part is getting people to the appointment. If up line leaders were focused more on training on inviting and less on presenting, then there would be a lot more success in this profession. Whether […]

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How To Break Procrastination With This Simply Effective 30 Year Old Technique

How To Break Procrastination Procrastination has been one of my biggest obstacles to success. It’s something that I battle with everyday. Procrastination is a daily battle. Procrastination has one daily mission; to stop you just for today. It’s so easy to rationalize because you tell yourself, “I’m not stopping working on my goal forever, I’ll […]

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MLM Tips: Do You Have Enough Posture?

MLM Tips In this profession, you will get rejections. If you aren’t getting rejections then you aren’t talking to enough people about your business. Your success in the profession isn’t only determined by your persistence, but it’s also determined by your posture when you prospect. Having the right amount of posture will show that you […]

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