3 Real Estate Investing Myths

People are very entertaining if you just take time to listen to what they say and observe how they act. After all, that’s why reality television shows are so popular. Now you can watch people from the comfort of your living room chair. The things they do and say are so highly entertaining because people […]

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Small Business Ownership and Whole Business Accommodations

Self-employment is never easy, and there are increased challenges when the business owner has disabilities. Business owners with disabilities need to find ways to operate their businesses successful in a competitive environment. Small Business Ownership and Whole Business Accommodations; By Alice Weiss Doyel; BOLD Consulting Group, LLC This article contains excerpts from No More Job […]

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Chicago Real Estate Investing

Donald Trump and countless other moguls built their empires on real estate, and, lately, a lot of people have realized the wisdom behind real estate investments. Chicago real estate investing is a formidable, yet very feasible, business. Chicago is a booming city that is economically sound with prime real estate everywhere. Owning a piece of […]

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