Should You Read A Book More Than Once?


This is part of a recent conversation that I had with a friend of mine:
Him: What book are you reading right now?
Me: “Think And Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill
Him: I thought that you read that already.
Me: I have, I’m rereading it.
Him: Why is that?

Do you read books more than once?
When I was growing up, if I really liked a book, then I would sometimes reread it for the entertainment value.
One day while I was at Wealth Mindset Seminar, the facilitator stated that she read, Think and Grow Rich once a year in between Christmas and New Year so that she could start off the year with the right mindset.
I found the whole concept, fascinating. She was definitely doing well financially and I figured that if it worked for her, then it couldn’t hurt if I tried it as well.

Now I too make it point to read certain books at least once a year.

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Why Read A Book More Than Once?
You read a book more than once so that you can learn more from it.
Just like in school, you read your text book and your notes more than once when you are studying for a test, you should read a book more than once so you can apply it’s principles in life.

When you reread a book, once a year or even twice a year, you are a different person than you were a year ago or six months ago. You will pick up on different points and principles each time you read it. You will learn something new.

A simple experiment
Grab your copy of “Think and Grow Rich”. Now, if you haven’t read it, then I obviously recommend reading it. If you are anything like me, you make notes and you highlight any passages that you find inspiring or profound. Now read the book again, 6 months to a year later. You’ll find that there are even more passages in the book that you find inspiring and profound. You’ll also swear that you never saw them when you read the book before.

What should you focus on when you are reading?
Look for passages that motivate you. Look for passages that resonate with you that you can learn from. If you want to get the most out of a book, make sure that you also implement some of the principles that you learn as soon as possible.

“Knowing and not doing is the same as not knowing.”~unkown

Which books should you read more than once?
I suggest books that serve you. I started reading Think and Grow Rich because so many people suggested it to me. When I first started reading it, it really didn’t catch my attention. I didn’t even finish it. I moved on and read other things and I decided to read it again about a year later. The second time around, I found it very interesting and motivating. I’m glad that I read it that second time.

I have a short list of books that I make sure to reread every year. Besides Think and Grow Rich, I also make it a point to read The Alchemist , Rich Dad Poor Dad  and others.

What books do you reread (or will now reread) every year?  I would love to expand my reading list and hear your suggestions below.

Create a great day!

Kenny Santos
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