Perspective: How To Dramatically Change Your Results Without Even Changing Any Of The Facts

What if you could change the outcome in your life without changing the facts?

When I first heard this question it made me curious but it also puzzled me.

Change the outcome without changing the facts? I would like to do that but is that even possible?

This week’s book to be reviewed is by my favorite author Andy Andrews. It’s called The Noticer: Sometimes, All A Person Needs Is A Little Perspective.

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Before I talk about the book let’s talk about perspective.

Imagine that you are the captain of a sinking ship with 1260 passengers on board. You must decide how to save them.

Option 1 will cost a lot of money and you’ll be able to save up to 80% of the passengers.

Option 2 is free however if you choose this option then at least 225 passengers will die.

Which one would you choose?

At first glance, it seems like option 1 is the “right” choice. We would never put a price on human lives. But it’s all about perspective. If you do the math, option 2 will save more passengers however perspective makes it seem like option 1 is the more ethical choice.

Perspective can change the results without changing the facts.

If you can change your perspective about your situations, you can lead a more productive and happier life. It can be the difference of getting angry at someone for cutting you off on the highway and letting it ruin your day to feeling sorry for that same person and hoping that they get to their destination in a timely manner because they must be in a hurry.

It can also mean the difference between having a life changing crisis like bankruptcy, divorce or foreclosure “break” you or being able to look for the lessons in those events and start new with an improved version of yourself.

The worst thing to ever happen in your life can turn into the best thing to happen to you simply by changing your perspective.

andy_andrews_the_noticer_a_pThe Noticer
What if you could be aware of your perspective more often so that it would allow you to lead a happier, calmer and more productive life?

That’s what The Noticer is all about. It’s about a guy that the community knows as “Jones”. He is loved by all and is known to help people through different scenarios and even crises in their life by helping them look at their lives with a different perspective.

It’s fascinating to read different scenarios where Jones is able to save a marriage, help some students and help other members of the community simply by helping them see another way of looking at their situations.

It seems that this book is based on reality because the author talks about the time in his life when he was living on the beach and Jones helps him in a very clever way. You can learn how he does that in the video and of course by reading the book.

A simple change in perspective can really impact your life and Jones shows you how in this fabulous book.

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