Plain And Simple: What You Need To Do If Your MLM Products Are Too Expensive

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Are you marketing a product or service that is very expensive?

Let’s face it. Network Marketing products and services are usually expensive and there is a good reason for that. It’s because they are very high quality.

But what do you if you think your product isn’t worth the retail price?

Some network marketers that I know would never admit this bit they are ashamed that their company’s products are so expensive. When someone asks them the price of their product they’ll say something like this:

“Our face cream is $100 for a one month’s supply but if that’s too much, you become a distributor for only $50 and you can get it for for 25% off.”

People that say things like “If that is too much.” are already indicating to their customer that the product is over priced. It takes the credibility away from your product, your company and from you.

Let me tell you something that most sponsors and your uplines are afraid to tell you. If you think that your product/service costs too much then you should quit.I’m not saying that you have to quit network marketing as a profession, you just need to find something that is a better fit.

It’s hard to sell anything if you don’t believe it’s value. If you don’t think it’s worth its retail price then how can you expect someone to pay for it?

If you can find a product that you are passionate about and that you would recommend to your friends at retail price without getting paid, that’s where you’ll find the best success.

If you think your product is too expensive, you are doomed to fail.

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