Private Money for Real Estate Investing – Step One

If you want to create a pathway to an unlimited supply of private money for real estate investing, you need to build a foundation of trust with your prospective lenders. One of the very best ways to impress them, and show them you know where you?re going, is if you really DO know where you?re going.

As a lender, before I loan one penny of my hard earned private money for real estate investing, I ask to see one very important document? the investor’s business plan. If they have one, that?s a good sign; if I can read it, that?s a better sign; and if it clearly shows they know where they?re going, well? that?s a great sign.

What am I looking for? Well I?m NOT looking for flash or glitz. In fact, a business plan doesn?t need to be fancy, or even long for that matter. It does have to be clear, concise and simple enough for an eighth grader to read. Yes, I read at a higher level than an eighth grader, but some people looking to loan private money for real estate investing may not, so keep it simple.

How should you write your business plan? First, think about the kind of investing you have already been successful with. Ask yourself how you achieved the success, and what steps you took that are repeatable. List the steps, and create an outline. Do that and you have the perfect outline for your private money for real estate investing business plan.

There?s lots of material on the internet for creating winning business plans. I don?t need to repeat that here. The purpose of this article is to get you thinking about how you can and should create a business plan that appeals to potential lenders of private money for real estate investing.

That kind of business plan reveals in plain, simple language how you propose to make money with your investing, the kinds and sizes of the loans you will need, and most especially, how the LENDER will benefit? in other words, how much will they make, how will it be repaid, and how will their investment be secured?

That?s the kind of business plan that will appeal to those who might lend you private money for real estate investing. When you write that kind of business plan, it shows you have thought it through, and you know where you?re going and how to get there. It also show you know how to take your lender along for the ride.

That?s what a potential lender will be asking themselves as they read through your plan? ?What?s in it for me?? Remember that as you write, and write with them in mind, stressing benefits, benefits, benefits. Create a feeling of confidence in your prospective lenders as they read, so they feel confident loaning you private money for real estate investing.

Step one in your quest for private money for real estate investing? Develop a business plan.

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