Product vs Biz Op: What should you lead with?

stratProspecting: Leading with Product/Service or Biz Op
When prospecting many network marketers wonder if they should lead with the product/service or with the business opportunity.
There are arguments for both.

Prospecting for Business
When prospecting, many network marketers are excited to build a team and all they want to do is some prospecting for business.
It’s a great way to start because if your prospect isn’t interested in the business opportunity, you can always ask them if they want to be a customer.

Prospecting For Customers
When you are prospecting and you lead with the product/service, if your prospect doesn’t like the product, it can be awkward to ask them if they want to sell it.
The cool thing about prospecting for customers is that finding customers is easier than finding opportunity seekers. Most people are still programmed to go to school, get good grades and get a job. The idea of owning a business is very scary and out of their comfort zone.

Customers are easier to get but I want to build a team!
Many network marketers realize that getting customers is easier but they like the allure of building and leveraging a team.
That is completely understandable but consider this:
-Getting customers will help build your story, and give you more confidence when you prospect for business
-Customers that love your product are less likely to quit.  A rep that isn’t making money will quit sooner or later.
-Your best customers will actually become your best reps.

It depends on your product
If you have a product that requires education, then it can be difficult to sell. What do I mean by that?
In the video, I use an example of a pill that gives you Chromium. Most people don’t even know what chromium is and they don’t even know that they need chromium so you have to go through the process of educating your prospect before you try prospecting them to buy it.

If your product has very quick results and can be demonstrated well then it’s a great idea to lead with the product. You might have an energy drink, a face cream or an essential oil that your prospect can see results within minutes or you might have a weight loss shake or a multi-vitamin or pill where your prospect can see/feel results in couple weeks.

A product like a special juice that “works different for everybody” and you “have to try it for 90 days” might be a difficult sale and you are better off prospecting the business.

Also customer prospecting is much easier if you are selling a product that your customer already buys: coffee, energy drinks, weight loss shakes, vitamins. You don’t have to convince them to buy since they buy it already, you just have to see if they are willing to try your brand.

It depends on your prospect
When you are prospecting be open on whether you lead with the product/service or the business opportunity.
If they are talking about how they hate their job, or they need to make more money, then leading with your product that gives you more chromium would not be as effective as leading with the business.
On the flip side, if you are selling a weight loss shake and your prospect says that they want to get a bikini body then lead with your product not the business.

What are your thoughts? Should you lead with the product or the business? Let me know in the comments below.

Create a great day!

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